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Journey to Design

I am a traveler at heart, constantly learning, creating and connecting with people. I live and work in my floating studio - a sailboat on Seattle's Puget Sound, and I am inspired daily by the natural beauty all around me.

Besides designing (and sailing), I also enjoy nature photography, geometric illustration, and watercoloring. My wife and I often seek out trails to hike or interesting places to scuba dive. We love comfort food from around the world and our two favorite places are Key West, where we got married and La Paz, where we took our first sailing lessons.

Life is a journey they say, but as a young man I had no idea of where to go or what to do. I started out by joining the family business - the U.S. Army, where I was trained as an Interrogator, German linguist and beer drinker. After four years of service, I moved to the Pacific Northwest to become a Commercial Diver. I dove in nuclear reactor cooling tanks and also tried my luck in Alaska - diving for sea cucumbers and sleeping on deck under the aurora borealis. As the season ended, I was at a crossroads. So I decided to flip a coin. Heads, I would drive to Texas to work on the oil rigs, or tails I would go to school for design and advertising.

I've come a long way from those indecisive early days, so many lifetimes ago. I've met a lot of clients, friends, and clients who've become my friends. I've learned to value good design in all forms, to allow the creative process to flow and to trust my instincts.

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